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Contest # 2 Caffeine Free Chai July 13, 2008

Its hot this summer everywhere you go…especially in Northern India. In honor of India and its dynamic production of botanicals and unique spices our challenge this month is to see who can create the best of the best caffeine free chai blend.

We will of course be trying this hot and iced to keep in a seasonal theme. Hot tea is consumed in India even in the middle of the day to cool the system and create internal balance. Chai literally translates as tea, so the options are pretty limitless. However, most traditional chai¬†blends contain a mixture of cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, and a base. Here is a sample of a caffeine free chai for your reference. If you are a seasoned chai blender than please share your experience so others may grow. And if this is your first crack at it…give it a shot. Send a pic if you must.

Remember to please be as descriptive as possible especially if you would like us to prepare it a specific way. Ie: Hot, Iced, Shaken…with milk…ingredients and proportions, etc.¬†Have fun!


Lessons Learned June 23, 2008

Hey Tea Blender Graduates!

Thank you all for your wonderful patience. I am happy to see many of you have come to this site to check out some of the updates. Please keep the comments comming so we can create a nice interactive community in which we can grow and share recipes, trade insights and lessons learned.

We had such a great time at the tea blending class and I look forward to trying all of your wonderful creations in the future!!

So here it the first lesson learned, drum roll please….

The Chai recipes from the World Tea Expo Blending Class

Chai #1 and Chai #2

The only difference is the flavor application

Units in Ounces

Whole Leaf Assam CTC Cardamom Cinnamon Cloves Ginger Black Pepper Natural Chai Flavor
18 4 2 2 0.5 2 1 1